What we do
Student Mentors
Each fresher is assigned a senior student as student mentor who is responsible for guiding the student at IITD. These mentors are pre-final year students who take care for the smooth transition of these freshers into the campus life.
Freshmen Orientation
A three-day Orientation Program is organized for incoming freshers to provide them a glimpse of different student boards and clubs and their activities throughout the year.
Student Counseling Services
Counselling services are provided by the institute student counselor who has a wealth of experience and helps students in supportive and purposeful manner and assist them in the task of finding their own way forward.
Alumni Mentorship Program
This initiative taken by SMP aims at achieving a bond between students and Alumnus of IIT D. This will facilitate a medium through which the students can gain from the alums in a lot of ways and in turn alums can get a chance to interact with young minds and connect with the institute via a strong tie.
We have a strict policy against even the tiniest form of ragging in place, whose administration is enforced. A lot of effort is put in by the faculty as well as responsible student bodies to ensure a safe environment for the freshers.
Events & Activities
A lot of events and other enrichment activities are organized to help the students in making better decisions in their lives. Focused events like Career talks help in resolving the pressing and common queries among the students at large.
Language Mentorship Program
This programme is a collaboration between SMP and the Humanities Department of IIT Delhi. The program involves faculty from the humanities department and second year undergraduate students to teach freshmen english or hindi, if they are uncomfortable with any of these.