About us
Student Mentorship Program (SMP) is a student initiative of IIT Delhi under the aegis of the Board for Student Welfare (BSW) which ensures that the transition of freshers into IIT life is smooth and they can make informed decision when faced with choices in their life at IIT Delhi.

For this purpose, every fresher joining the institute is assigned a mentor who they can approach with queries on any issue like academics, extracurricular, personal life or the issue of maintaining a balance between them. They are the friends, philosophers and guides of the freshers through this beautiful journey in IIT Delhi. Do keep in touch with them throughout.

The Mentorship Committee (MRC) is the steering body of SMP which has a primary mandate of helping the freshers feel empowered. Contact them if you face any problem that makes you feel wronged or otherwise for any doubts that you may have. They will keep in touch with you all through the year, interacting and learning from you about your experiences of the system.

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If you need help finding your way to IIT Delhi, read our guide – Getting to IIT Delhi