Student Counselling Service

“Yaar ek baat puchun, kisi ko bataega toh nahi?”

There have been a lot of instances in our life where we have needed someone who can listen to us and keep our things as secrets. We also have such trust in this person that he/she would not judge and might be able to help in someway or the other. Sometimes we just need a listener to spit it out. Such people are a massive relief as they bring all the burden down.

Whatever may come, the doors of SCS will always be open. You can just go spit it all out and come back and feel better. Isn't it just simple. There will be some friends, keen to listen , a little older than you but still keen to listen!!!

Our counselor, Mrs. Rupa Murghai, with her vast knowledge and experience has helped numerous students overcome such problems and succeed in life.

SPEAK OUT LOUD OR LOW, SCS is listening @ AD- 238 Admin Block

You might not believe us but we have a few people who were heard say it all……

A lady sitting behind a desktop asked me gently if it was my first time and I replied affirmatively. She smilingly asked me to sit and wait for the counsellor to be free from the current session. As soon as the session was over, I went to counsellor’s room. She asked to be relaxed, have a seat and gave me a form to be filled...And I almost felt like going out on seeing the form....

From the first day i have been hearing that SCS is confidential and here they are getting all my details...After a minute or two, I realized there is difference between anonymous and confidential and so I filled all the details. The form was quite detailed one and made me to think about aspects of my nature, mind i have been ignoring from quite a time. After getting the form filled, she sat beside me and asked what brought me there. I told about my poor academic performance, my unwillingness to do anything...she listened patiently till i was done expressing myself completely..Then she asked if there was any (other) emotional issue too? I took a second to think on my crush(es) (and their boyfriends ;) ) and said no…(of course, this is a joke) i thought if i was really upset because of some emotional turmoil or merely because of acads !! and in the introspection, I found out performing badly made me feel bad and then not trying to improve, instead wasting time over internet made me feel guilty.She asked about my routine, class schedule. And i told her about my addictions...internet and gaming...

We discussed for quite a time, until I was sure I had nothing more to share and at end of it, I got some very important suggestions: to reduce time over internet, to give some fixed time to each course and most importantly….to have a timetable (and reward myself when I follow it) She asked me to come again, next week at same time.

I tried to have a time table, and tried to follow it thing which is amazing about timetable is that you get and paradigm shift from ‘time nhi hai’ to ‘where your time actually is’ in all, I was able to find 2 hrs a day to study, not the greatest start but a good one, I guess.. And this went on for a week, and I felt obliged to follow ‘try’ as much as possible. In every meeting, I would tell her my schedule of last week, she would tell me where I did good, where I was lacking, prepare next week’s schedule in front of her and promise her to follow it.

There were 4 sessions in total and I could see that little changes suggested by her made big impacts in my confidence level and performance. While it wasn’t the case that I was getting Fukka in all before going there and then secured 10 in it isn’t a fairy tale..but yes, I managed to get 5 SGPA just saving me from probation and this feat, of course helped me to take a great leap of confidence, which was reflected in performance next time onwards.

I am, and will always be thankful to her, though I couldn’t say it personally to her bcoz her contract there was over :P

Atul Verma - Biotech 5year Batch of 2017.