This institute has a lot to offer for its students, in terms of academics, co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities. With the increased opportunities, often come related problems like stress, anxiety or depression. On face value, these problems might seem trivial, but they end up affecting us in a negative manner. Hence, we should reach out for help. There is nothing to lose.

You can contact your mentor or the Mentorship Committee for anytime, any kind of assistance or feedback. Write to the MRC at :

Student Counseling Services is also one of the most useful services provided by the institute. Our counselor, Mrs. Rupa Murghai, with her vast knowledge and experience has helped numerous students overcome such problems and succeed in life. One must remember, however, that counseling and its services can do much more good, if people approach the service freely without any kind of hesitation. It is completely fine to ask for help and we are always there to help you.

You can directly reach the counsellor at :

Student Counselling Services , AD-238 Admin Block (Next to U.G. Section), IITD
Timings : Mon to Fri 9-5:30 pm (Emergency services always available)